Root cause explorations, resulting in precise, personalised N=1 Functional Health and Psychotherapy ​interventions.

What's really different about the approach Cath Knibbs takes to 'regular' therapy and coaching is the N=1 paradigm, based in many years of various training over several disciplines from Psychotherapy, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Functional Health & Nutrigenetics.

Cath realised that many programs out there forget to take the person in the room fully into account by looking at the micro to the macro, the molecule to the mind.


This approach includes looking at their history of health, (pre-birth to date), family dynamics, and health patterns, nutrigenetics, and synthesising this with a therapeutic approach to supporting a person wholeheartedly, based on their individual story of how they came to be where they are today.

Cath uses a tribal healthcare approach, which includes outsourcing, where needed, for specific functional health tests, various allopathic practitioners ranging from Nutritionists to PEMF, to Yoga, and more!​

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