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Wednesdays: Starting

June 03, 2020.         ONLINE


6 Week Coaching program: Managing your Mental Health emerging out of lockdown


As we emerge out of lockdown, many of us may find our anxiety and stress levels changing once more. As we emerge like a butterfly from the cocoon of what has hopefully been our safe haven we may find the new terrain difficult, or perhaps even find it's the 'others' who begin to tap into our insecurities and vulnerabilities. This program will be a weekly focus on how we can move back into society whilst maintaining our health and wellbeing. The course is aimed at supporting you in observing and honing your skills to allow maximal re-engagement with minimal distress. learning about yourself is the way to 'hack your health and wellbeing'

Mondays: Starting

June 15th, 2020.         ONLINE

8 Week Coaching program: How does my past impact my present and how does this impact my future?

Our past leaves us with a story that is held within our hearts, minds, and DNA. Using this 6-week course I will help you uncover how your past can be recreated unconsciously in the present and sabotage your decisions, health choices, and impact upon your future. Self-discovery is both an observational tool and one that can help you pinpoint on maximizing your potential moving forward. This is a journey that will require deep diving into your habits and how they came to be. Your internal narrative and where this came from. Using techniques from psychology and psychotherapy this course will help you get ahead and know yourself deeply. Take the journey and discover who you really are!

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